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 Lets Get This Party Started.

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Lets Get This Party Started. Empty
PostSubject: Lets Get This Party Started.   Lets Get This Party Started. Icon_minitimeFri Feb 13, 2009 1:57 am

Hello! Its me Alex. Im glad the server is back up.


I am really happy that you all decided to give RO a second go.

With the Knowledge and Experience you have obtained from the last server you can now make this new one a lot better. I really wish to know how everyone is after not talking with you guys for so long.

Well here is a little info on what i did after the first PS died.

I was GM in 2 more servers. I made like a bunch of forumz and stuff. Actually i used just like this forum.

I also was successful in making my own SQL server to then be put down seeing my computer wasn't fast enough to hold the server and it lagged.

I was also Administrator in another server.

and i have played many many servers since then.

My Knowledge and experience on Ragnarok has grown immensely, from how RO works to how its played to the Business behind RO.

I have learned from watching and getting to know the owners of very popular and well developed servers.

Well I'm just basically a new Alex. Especially because i have matured mentally since PS started.

Well i will be playing and bringing people to PS. I can also help with this forum since i have my own. And its the same kind.

Here is a link to my forum so you know i have proof.
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Lets Get This Party Started.
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